Foxtrot's Research on Kitsune Lore
version 3.0
Written by Kit LaHaise, 1997

1) Contents

1) Contents - You're here! Congrats!
2) Prelude - A list of sources and people who helped make this even possible.
3) Introduction: What kitsune?
4) Kami: Kitsune and their spiritual nature.
5) Inari: Kitsune, the different types, and the religion that surrounds them.
6) Possession - The means kitsune use to interact with others.
7) Feeding - Some speculation on kitsune vampire stories.
8) Magic - Foxmagic, abilities, and foxtails.
9) Names and Famous Kitsune

After three years of studying kitsune, I feel confident enough to try to make an organized list of kitsune lore, a bit of culture, and some theories on the background and reasons for many of the kitsune myths and legends.

It would be hard to seperate speculation from the legends of kitsune. There is no 'guide to kitsune society' out there, all we have are the legends and stories, really, and as such, each person has to make their own conclusions to what all these stories mean.

Personally, I think looking at the legends themselves only scratches the surface of what makes a kitsune do what they do. It also requires an understanding, to some extent, of kami, oriental traditions, and customs, as well as a knowledge of oriental spirituality. Calling a kitsune a simple 'spirit fox', or 'demon fox' isn't enough. Finding out why is also important.

My first two attempts at making this thesis on the kitsune were met with mixed reactions, though overall, I feel it was taken well enough, to warrant me attempting to make the information more organized for those who care to use it.

To those of you who have read this, and given your own insights into the kitsune, I thank you. This is for you, for the most part. Your support and words of advice mean a lot, and have helped me continue to learn and understand what the kitsune are about, in spite of criticism and words of contempt.

To those who are reading this for the first time, I hope this answers a lot of questions, and I also hope that you don't take this as gospel. I've been given the compliment of being one of the more knowledgable people online in matters of the kitsune, but as I mention above, and later, a lot of personal opinion has crept into this work. I am not, in my opinion, an authority. Yes, I have read a lot of work, and yes, I have tried my best to answer a lot of my own questions, as well as those of others, but this doesn't mean I have all the answers, or that I have come to all the right conclusions. A lot in here, I still question myself.

Reader beware.

Instead, please read this, and then make your own conclusions. If they don't match mine, so be it. If you can aid me, or help me find more insight, then you have done me a great favour, and I thank you.

So welcome, read on, and enjoy.
December, 1997

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